02/16/2015 - Snow Closing

Due to the weather this evening we will not have regular scheduled classes. We will though have an open mat from 5PM to 8PM. Everyone be safe and enjoy the snow. [more]


November 27, 2014 - Closed for Thanksgiving

We are closed Nov 27, Thursday for Thanksgiving. All other days this week are normal business hours. Thank you! [more]


Martial Arts

Filipino Martial Arts

Few cultures are better known for their fighting skills with blunt, bladed, or flexible weapons than the ancient warriors of the Philippines.

However, people still wonder where the Filipino martial arts have been. Like kung fu, before Bruce Lee's time, it was practiced in secrecy. The Filipino people saw it as their protection in a world filled with violence, prejudice, and suspicion. Times have changed and today the Filipino martial arts are quickly becoming recognized as one of the most exciting, complete, and practical martial arts of our time.

Many people believe that the Filipino martial arts are only a weapons art. On the contrary, it is a very efficient and effective empty-hand art. The use of elbows, knees, headbutts, kicks, and punches are common in close range fighting. Grappling techniques (standing or on the ground) include throws, trips, sweeps, takedowns, chokes, and locks.

Filipino Martial Arts

Jun Fan Gung Fu
Jeet Kune Do

Muay Thai

Jeet Kune Do-Thai Boxing Crosstraining

Rigan Machado
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Mixed Martial